Inside the Maritime Centre Inside ex-HMAS OTAMA Architectural Impression

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The Onslow is one of the 6 Oberons and it gave the Royal Australian Navy a formidable submarine force. The motto of the navy's submarine arm is "Strength, silence, surprise". The Oberons all have:

  • a diving chamber for Special Forces to leave the boat for covert operations
  • a gash ejector containing weighted rubbish (gash) bags. When ejected, the bags sink to the ocean floor so no debris floats to give away the submarine's position
  • soundproofing on all equipment to make Oberons one of the quietest class of submarines ever built.

HMAS Onslow - Sydney NSW >

HMAS Ovens - Freemantle WA

Onondaga - Canada


USS Bowfin - Hawaii USA

USS Silverside - Great Lakes USA

U-505 - Chicago

USS Cavalla - Texas USA

USS Albacore - Portsmouth USA

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