Inside the Maritime Centre Inside ex-HMAS OTAMA Architectural Impression

Service and Merchant Flags


The Australian Red Ensign (1908)

The Commonwealth Government Federal Design Competition required an official flag and a merchant or shipping version of the same design. As a result, the official flag was blue and the merchant flag was the traditional Red Ensign, featuring the distinctive Southern Cross and Commonwealth star. More...


The Royal Australian Navy White Ensign (1967)

The Australian White Ensign mirrors the design of the Australian National Flag with the field colour reversed to white and the stars rendered in blue. The distinctive naval design dates from 1 March 1967 when Australia was involved in the Vietnam War. The tradition of Australian flags featuring the Southern Cross and Union Jack dates from 1823 with the advent of the National Colonial Flag of Australia which was a white ensign featuring the naval cross of St George on which was displayed four stars representing the constellation of the Southern Cross.  More...



 Flags Act 1953                           A Touch of our History


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