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Friday 13th September 2013

Well the Cocktail Party has been and gone and what a night it was. The 80 guests came from a wide section of the community. Some had never heard of the project at all before, some had traveled from the city and beyond to be there. One thing I can say that from the comments of people last night who were applauding our efforts we are positively on a winner. Many were so taken with what we are trying to achieve, they joined as members on the night. It proves a point we need to all work harder to get the message out there, once people are aware, they want to jump onboard.

Gillian, what a wonderful lady. We are so lucky that she has picked us as guardians of the Wyuna.

She made the statement that Wyuna was like one of her children and part of her family. So we have been given a mammoth task to live up to her expectations of us in looking after her family member. Gillian will not be seeing the last of Wyuna as she will stay involved with us and the project.

Speeches were made by yours truly boring everyone with Wyuna statistics, followed by Lisa Dixon from Western Port Chamber/Tourism and the MPSC mayor Lynn Bowden who gave a wonderful speech of support for our endeavours. And finally Gillian herself, all coordinated brilliantly by Graham White. Dave then presented Gillian with a beautifully framed picture of Otama and Wyuna side by side. Gillian was so moved she burst in to tears.

To the people I need to thank for last night.

To the sponsors, thanks for your support, Mornington Peninsula Shire Council,, Tallons Real Estate, Defence Force Recruitment and Western Port Tourism Association.

Firstly Lisa and Chris who created a masterpiece of gourmet delights. I have no idea how they did it but what a truly fantastic effort, from all, thank you very very much.

To Wendy and Jane who organised me and guided me in what wine to buy ( we had to try quite a few) and I say I took some organising. What a wonderful job they did running the refreshment area. I noticed their cocktails were a great success, thanks very much ladies.

To Di and her group of ladies, Chris, Kaye, Emma, Pat and Rosey. These ladies are a fantastic team, the tireless work they do to catalogue and record all the items on display and in storage is an extremely labour intensive task. They work hard and have fun doing it. Ladies the museum looked great last night.

Brian with his beautiful model of Wyuna. Gillian was brought to tears when she saw it and gave the owner a big hug. She had heard about the model and seen a photo but had never seen the actual model and what a masterpiece it is.

Who could forget that distinguished gentleman on the door greeting people as they arrived well done Rolf.

And finally my team that helped me put this together, Graham, Dave, Dougie and Rolf thanks for your continued support.

To any I have missed out I am sorry but thanks for your efforts anyway.

It was a truly wonderful night and we all should be very proud and I hope that those members that did attend were as proud as I was.


And thank you all


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