Inside the Maritime Centre Inside ex-HMAS OTAMA Architectural Impression

Suggested Future Location

The suggested location for the Maritime Centre is on the outer seawall of the Hastings Marina.



The Maritime Centre would include many attractions such as the Submarine HMAS Otama, A Maritime MuseumMemorial Walls and the Port Phillip Pilot Ship Wyuna.  

Image: Pilot Ship MV Wyuna

The centre is currently housed in the Crib Point Terminal building. This is due to the great support given by Shell Australia.

Many goverment ministers and their officials, state and federal, the Mornington Peninsula Shire Council, mayors and councillors, have all given their support to this venture over the past 12 years.

With their continued support this project will be a great success.

The people of the Mornington Peninsula and the State of Victoria, have been in total support of the project as a viable stream of income to help the area, as well as a World Class Tourist Attraction of which the area is definitely in need of.

A permanent site has been announced on the outer seawall of the Hastings Marina.

Community Benefits

An independent report on the project about 12 years ago said:

  • The Maritime Centre is expected to be a major tourist attraction for the region and employ around 40 people.

  • On an estimated 50,000 visitors per annum. The following figures have been conservatively estimated.

  • Revenue for the attraction at more than $4.5M with around $1.3M benefiting the local community.

  • 40 permanent and casual jobs.

  • Traineeships for the tourism industry.

NOTE: Due to the lapsed time since this report, the revenue would be considerably higher.

Also, experience with similar projects interstate has provided a significantly increased attendance figure.

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